Easiest Way To Astral Projection, Simple Steps 2019

Astral Projection

What is the Easiest Way To Astral Project? learn all the special Steps( Astral Projection)

As making an astral projection. Astral projection is a wonderful out-of-body experience that allows you to explore the world very differently.

Leaving your physical body behind and traveling astrally allows you to go where you want without any limitations. It’s a delicious experience that only a few people enjoy.

Astral Projection
Astral Projection

How to project astral easily( How to do astral projection)

Astral projection is not an easy job and requires a lot of practice, but it is something that can be learned through practice.

Trusting yourself is the secret to being able to travel astrally successfully. Follow these simple steps for the astral projection:

  • Lie on a comfortable flat surface: make sure you are calm.
  • Do not fall asleep, close your eyes and relax. Your body should fall asleep, but your mind should be active. Breathe deeply to achieve that and concentrate on your breathing.
  • Continue with the previous step until you begin to hear the vibrations. Do not get excited when you listen to them, but keep calm.
  • Imagine that your astral body is leaving your physical body. Think about that with your eyes closed.
  • You will feel that you can not move your feet, but on the other hand, you will also feel that you are floating in the air. If this happens, then you head in the right direction.
  • If you can see your body lying down while you move, that means you have successfully separated your physical and astral form.
  • It’s that easy! But, you need to do it, again and again, to project astral instantly.

 You Can Take This Step By Step Process Also To Do Astral Projection:-

  1. Take care of your health

Make sure you are in good health, a weak body can affect the ability to be able to project.

  1. Be Relaxed

You must be completely relaxed, in body and mind. Practice relaxation of your whole body, concentrate on a specific group of muscles and relax them, then move on to another group of muscles and so on.

Walk your body in this way until you are completely relaxed. Clear your mind of all the chaotic thoughts that so commonly buzz without invitation in our minds. Feel your mind more and more calm, and peaceful.

Focus on your breathing patterns. Breathe slowly and decrease the air that enters and leaves your body as you inhale slowly and then exhale. Visualize the air that enters and leaves your body. Meditation is the perfect way to achieve a calm state of mind.

  1. Use Sounds to Help

Try listening to sounds known as binaural tones when trying to project; These sounds alter the frequency of their brain waves and generate better conditions to carry out an astral projection.

  1. Try different Projection Methods

Experiment with different projection methods by yourself. What works well for one person may not be the best way for another.

Some common methods include the rope method, where you imagine yourself coming out of your body with a rope, a visualization technique by which a vivid display of free-floating of your physical body is invoked, and another is the place where you imagine a solid object and imagine that you are using this object to pull yourself out of your body.

Astral Projection
Astral Projection
  1. Experiment with different Hours of the Day

Practice trying to project at different times of the day. For some people at night, it works well, others find that they are more successful in the morning. There is no set time in the day to have an astral projection.

  1. Free yourself from Fear

As you raise your vibrations, you will feel your body begin to beat and vibrate. This is completely normal. Whatever method you use to project Do not get distracted.

Focus only on that and do not be afraid of the sensations that occur in your body. As your consciousness is almost ready to leave your body, you will experience a partial, or sometimes complete, paralysis.

This can be disconcerting, but understand that it is natural and that it will regain all movement when it re-enters your body. Do not allow any fear in the final stages of your screening. Then you will feel free of your body, with a feeling of suspension or floating.

You can not get lost in the astral plane, and you cannot be trapped outside your physical body. Your body and your consciousness are connected at all times by the silver cord – a flow of energy that keeps you connected at all times -.

  1. Be a Patient

If you do not succeed on your first attempt, try again. Do not let yourself easily discouraged. Keep trusting that it is possible and believe that it will happen sooner or later. You must be determined and be motivated.

  1. You want to project

Have a strong desire to travel. Curiosity is not enough. You must really have the intention and desire to leave your body and visit the astral realm.

Astral travel
Astral travel
  1. Learn More

Read as much as you can on the subject, to get a better understanding of how to do it and what to expect. View documentaries and other recorded stories. Listening to other people’s experiences can be very useful.

Similarly, sharing your own experiences with like-minded people can help you better understand.

  1. Move away from your Body

When it leaves your body, move away from it. This will prevent you from being returned immediately. Explore and become familiar with your surroundings.

  1. Write down your Experiences

After each astral projection, keep a record of your experiences. Try to observe the amount of time you spent outside your physical body.

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