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What Are The Astral Travel Techniques?

Astral Travel Techniques 

Astral travel is a wonderful ability of the human being, there are people who are able to unfold from small unconsciously, but for most mortals is not so simple, to achieve it you have to follow some techniques to unlock our skills and thus achieve astral travel or splitting. These Astral travel techniques will help you.

These techniques for astral travel are not immediate, and if we hope to get results the same night we will not achieve anything but despair and abandon training. Astral travel is possible, but you have to have a little patience, it is necessary to practice the astral travel techniques l on a daily basis to begin to feel the symptoms of unfolding.

It is necessary to take it easy to achieve results, people usually begin to feel the symptoms or have the first experiences from the second or third week, some even before and others after. The important thing is not discouraging and moving forward.

astral travel techniques
astral travel techniques

It is important that in practices we are not impatient to leave, as this would break our relaxation cycle and bring us back to the physical world.

As one approaches the unfolding one loses consciousness little by little until falling asleep. It is important to carefully observe our condition and mentalize not to fall asleep before completing the technique. When we have gone out into the astral we will be fully awake again.

Astral Travel Techniques are as follows;-

Technique 1

To perform the first technique you must be quotient of your dreams, we recommend that just when you wake up from one of them close your eyes and relax, imagine that you are in the place you want to visit, feel the sunlight, or the smell of the place, or the wind in your face, visualize the landscape with force, above all, without losing consciousness, then you will feel that you fall asleep and then you will appear where you had imagined.

If you are not able to wake up in the middle of a dream you can set an alarm clock to wake you up after about four hours after going into sleep.

Technique 2

It is about being able to program the mind at your will, the general idea of this technique is to order the mind to move the consciousness somewhere, and make us wake up in that place. When you are about to sleep, a countdown from number 30 to 0 will start slowly to relax the mind.

When you reach the number 0 you have to mentally say: “my mind must keep and obey the following order”. After this, we must pronounce mentally, with the decision, the order and we must repeat it until we feel that it is necessary: “tonight I will make a conscious astral trip to someplace while I sleep and I will remember everything that happened when I woke up”.

Technique 3

This technique is good for those who wake up and can continue to sleep. After having slept well and having awakened for the first time, we must keep our eyes closed and begin to imagine the place where we want to go, we must keep that place in mind and order our conscience to move to that place. When you fall asleep you will be in that place.

Technique 4

If you can imagine quickly you should try this technique. You should be lying on the bed, without crossing legs or arms and with your eyes closed, you will try to relax by breathing deeply and relaxed. He will imagine that the astral body is being watched at half a meter, and the conscience will be transferred to that body, it will have to be felt in him, to have the perspective of that body, to feel with that body and to move. After a period of practice, you will really be in that body.

Technique 5

This technique is good for those who find it easy to relax. It consists of lying down without crossing arms or legs, with closed eyes and relaxed. For this technique to be more effective you must start with breathing exercises and deep exhalation and a countdown from 20 to 0 to be relaxed. After finishing we have to think that we will do very well in our astral journey and that we will remember everything when we return.

It begins by forgetting the whole body and putting all the attention on the tips of the big toes, relaxes and begins to climb the instep, then the ankle, then the calves and shins and so on is relaxing part by part of the body, concentrated, until you reach the hair, where it will be decided that you know this particular place in the astral body and without realizing it you will be outside.

astral travel techniques
astral travel techniques

The most famous Astral Travel Techniques 

Get up suddenly

This technique is the most effective to witness the unfolding with total lucidity. Consists of being conscious throughout the process of falling asleep, sometimes you can spend hours waiting. As you go into sleep you will feel your hands go to sleep, then your arms, your feet legs, and so on.

If you manage to stay conscious throughout the process you will realize that for a few moments you will not be awake or asleep, just at that moment, YOU SHOULD LIFT-UP, just as it sounds: LIFT-UP. If you feel your whole body as vaporous and weightless, congratulations, you are in the astral, then sit up, take a little jump and travel.

This technique is not about imagining anything, because all the sensations narrated here live intensely if you have not gotten it you will wake up and it will be a matter of trying again this time hurrying a bit more before falling asleep completely.

The blue wave

It is a technique in which relaxation and visualization are very important. If you are good at these two things, it is very likely that you will achieve it soon.

Imagine that you start to fall and then you rise again. When you have repeated the process enough times to really feel it, visualize a blue wave coming from your feet to your head. Without realizing it, you will begin to forget that you are in your bed. When you do not feel anything, go to the astral by the feet.

Mantram Pharaoh

You have to go to bed, close your eyes and start to mentally repeat the mantra “Pharaoh”, synchronizing your breathing in the following way:

When pronouncing FA: inhale

When pronouncing RA: expires

When pronouncing ON: inhale

And so on. Possibly images appear in our minds from the dream world, ignore them. After a certain time we will feel the astral symptoms such as vibrations and great relaxation, then it is time to leave the body.

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Monroe Technique

One of the main obstacles faced by people who want to learn to project themselves is fear. Many fear being killed or injured in some way. Nothing can be further from reality. The Canterbury Institute, recognized for its studies of the occult, carried out a projection experiment in which 2,000 people participated. No one was harmed, and now, three years later, no one has reported any problems. Once you have been persuaded by the impossibility of being damaged in the projection, you will start the Monroe techniques step by step.

Step 1

Relax the body According to Monroe, the ability to relax is the first prerequisite, perhaps even the first step by itself to trigger a trip out of the body. This includes relaxation, both physical and mental. Monroe does not suggest any method to achieve this relaxation, but anyway, a progressive muscle relaxation accompanied with deep breathing exercises (inhale and exhale up to 100 times) is known for its effectiveness to achieve the relaxed state.

Step 2

Enter the state close to sleep, which is known as a hypnagogic state. Monroe does not specifically recommend the method to induce it. One way to do this is to lift your forearm while supporting the rest of the arm on the bed or the floor. As soon as you begin to fall asleep, your arm will fall, and you will wake up again. With practice, you will learn to control the hypnagogic state without using your arm.

Another method is to concentrate on an object. When other images begin to enter your thoughts, you will have reached the hypnagogic state. Passively watch these images. That will help prolong this state close to sleep. Monroe calls this condition A.

astral travel techniques
astral travel techniques

Step 3

Deepen that state. Begin to clear your mind. Observe your field of vision through closed eyes. Do not do anything for a moment. Simply, look through your closed eyelids at the darkness in front of you.

Soon after you will notice some light patterns. They are simply neural discharges and do not have a specific effect, so ignore them. When they cease, you will have achieved what Monroe calls condition B.

From here a deeper state of relaxation must be reached, which Monroe calls condition C, a state of relaxation such that all notion of the body and all reaction to sensory stimuli is lost. You are almost in a vacuum where your only source of stimulation is your own thoughts.

The ideal state to leave the body is condition D; that is, condition C when it has been voluntarily induced from a rested state and not from the normal effect of fatigue. To achieve condition D Monroe suggests practicing these techniques in the morning or after a short nap.

Step 4

Enter a state of vibration. This is the most important part of the technique, and also the vaguest. Many have perceived these vibrations since the beginning of the projection. They are perceived as if they were electricity flowing through the body. Its cause is a mystery, but it could be the astral body trying to leave the physical. To achieve this vibratory state, these guidelines must be followed:

1- Get rid of all jewelry or other objects that may touch your skin.

2 – Darken the room to the point that no light is perceived through the eyelids, but without removing all light.

3- It lies with the body oriented along the north-south axis, with the head pointing magnetic north.

4- Get rid of all clothing, but remain covered with enough to be comfortable and without the cold.

5- Make sure you are in a place, and an hour, in which absolutely nobody can disturb the projection.

6- Enter in a relaxed state.

7- Suggestion to make you remember that everything that happens during the session will be beneficial for your well-being. Repeat it five times.

8- Proceed to breathe through the semi-open mouth.

9- When you breathe, concentrate on the emptiness in front of you.

10- Select a point located about 20 centimeters from your crown, and then change this mental reference point to approximately 1m.

11- Turn the point 90 degrees upwards, drawing an imaginary line parallel to the axis of your body and above your head. Concentrate on that area and reach the vibrations taking them to your body.

Even if you do not know these vibrations, you will recognize them when you come into contact with them.

Step 5

Learn to control the vibrational state. Practice mentally pushing the vibrations from your head to your feet, making them penetrate throughout your body, producing vibratory waves from head to toe. To produce this wave effect, concentrate on the vibrations and mentally push a wave from your head, guiding it through your body. Practice this until you are able to trigger these waves at will. When you master the vibrational state, you are ready to leave the body.

astral travel techniques
astral travel techniques

Step 6

Start with a partial separation. The key lies in mind control. Keep your mind firmly focused on the idea of leaving the body. Do not let yourself wander. Doing so could cause loss of control over the state.

Now, having reached the vibratory state, begin experiencing the projection by releasing only one hand or foot of the second astral body. Monroe suggests extending a member until it comes in contact with a familiar object, such as a wall next to your bed. Then, push through the object. Returns the member placing it in coincidence with its physical counterpart, decreases the vibratory rate, and terminates the experiment. Remain quietly lying down until you have completely returned to normal. This exercise will have prepared you for the complete separation.

Step 7

Separate yourself from the body. Monroe recommends two methods to do it. One is to float out of the body. To do so, think about how you become more and more lighter, once you have reached the vibrational state. Think of how beautiful it would be to be able to float above. Keep this thought at all costs and do not allow other thoughts to interfere. The projection will naturally occur at this point.

Another method is the rotation or rotating technique. When you have reached the state of vibration, try to turn on yourself as if you were tossing and turning in bed; do not try to do it physically. Try to turn your body from above and rotate virtually out of your physical body. At this point, you will not be outside the body, but close. Think of floating and you will find yourself floating on your body. Monroe recommends starting with the first method but adds that both are equally effective.

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