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Who is a teenager?
A person who doesn’t remember
To do his homework,
But never forgets the different phone number,
Who spends just twelve minutes for preparation of history exams
But twelves hours for movie, serials and cricket matches,
Who is always late for dinner,
But has time for concerts of Britney Spears
Who can hear a song of
Abhijeet Sawant and Himesh Reshammiya
From a distance of three miles or four,
But not his mother’s call from the next door,
A youngest who receives an allowance on Monday,
Spends it on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
And borrows money from his friends on Friday!
An enthusiast who has the energy to ride
His bike for miles, But gets tired of,
Doing household chores outrides
but even then a teenager is the
Sweetest and brightest light!!

Ankita Sen

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