Third Eye Awakening And 6 Signs That Your Third Eye Is Open 2019

Third Eye

The third eye also called Ajna among Hinduists is a chakra (energy center) it is located on the forehead, between the two eyebrows and is present in all of us. It is the chakra that is most useful in developing our intuition and our sixth sense. Because it is the seat of intuition, of the sixth sense and therefore of the capacities of the Spirit. All perceptions, intuitions or feelings are from this chakra. It also provides access to so-called Extended States of Consciousness (EEC) to improve our level of Consciousness. But do not forget that every chakra must be open and harmonized.

Third Eye Awakening
Third Eye Awakening

To open one’s third eye, we must detach ourselves from our ego and accept other realities, become more open-minded and question ourselves on full of ideas and project. Many schools say it must sing with a mantra, but American research has shown that each chakra weakened by weakness. Here, the fault of Ajna is the illusion of reality.

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Learn to open your third eye  and  discover how you can begin your chakras

1. You seem to have an increased sense of things that not seen in the invisible.

It is curious that the third eye can help you see things that are not visible to the naked eye. With a third open eye, you have the opportunity to see more clearly in the future, and your intuition becomes considerably more intense. You will take full advantage of your experiences, and you will be able to sense misfortune more than a mile away.

2. You may be sensitive to light.

Bright light could hurt your eyes when you have a third eye open. Some colors might look brighter, and you will become more sensitive to the things you see. Do not worry, this is normal. You are becoming someone who is spiritually awake.

3. You suffer from headaches.

When there is an opening at the third eye, it can be unique for someone who has never experienced it before. The opening of the third eye can cause pressure in the head resulting in pain. Take a leisurely stroll. For real, long walks in nature, it helps relieve stress and allows the eye to start seeing for itself.

4. You feel different.

It’s hard to understand why you feel different, but that’s the case. Change can happen gradually or abruptly. You may not enjoy the things you used to do or experience things you never thought you would. Do not be afraid of these changes. It’s a natural occurrence.

5. It’s easier for you to read people.

You may ne’er see things a similar manner once more with a 3rd eye open, however, you may be ready to scan between the lines. It will be easy for you to go over the walls that people used to place around them. And see through the masks that people wear. It is also a valuable tool.

6. The feeling of progressive and nonstop change.

All the more critically, cultivating the third eye changes our point of view and our identity throughout everyday life. The outcome is advantageous to enhance since we need it, or even seek to it. We can more often than not observe it in the way we treat others. We can turn out to be more tolerant and less childish.

Third Eye Awakening
Third Eye Awakening

Learn to open your third eye

1. To begin your third eye, you must learn to meditate

Look for the perfect place. Look for a quiet place where you will be alone for at least thirty minutes. Total silence is not obligatory, but it is better to be in a position where you will not always be distracted.

Sit on the ground together with your legs crossed, your back straight and your hands on your knees. On the off probability that you just don’t seem to be receptive sitting on the ground, sit on a seat, holding your finish straight.

Support your higher body together with your abs to remain upright and don’t pack. Get rid of the bust and keep your shoulders low.

Relax your body. The human body still retains tension because of everyday life, which can make concentration very difficult. Drop your shoulders, relax the muscles of your neck and turn your head from side to side to help you relax.

Relax your mind.  These are the essential part to open your third eye and also the most difficult because you have to clear your mind of all thought. Focus all your attention on one aspect of the physical world, be it your breathing, the sound of passing cars or the feeling of the floor on which you are sitting.

Having no thought is impossible. If you start thinking about something, recognize that it is a thought and let it just disappear from your inner eye.

It takes a lot of time and practice not to think about anything, concretely. Sometimes people experience difficulties during the first 10-15 minutes of meditation because the chaos of everyday life still shakes the mind. Give yourself some time to move from the outside world to a state of meditation.

Start contemplating each day. See meditation as brushing your teeth: the more you do it and the better the result. Even if you only meditate for 3 to 5 minutes a day, you will slowly train to a more spiritual state.

It can be interesting to put a timer while you meditate, so you do not have to wonder all the time how long you have to sit there.

2. Developing your intuitive side

Observe the world around you. Many people who claim to be socially withdrawn also think they have a better, more intuitive understanding of things than most people and they are probably right. These are perhaps because these people spend a lot of time observing others and in doing so develop an excellent understanding of all nonverbal communication such as body language and facial expressions. They can also better perceive lies, sarcasm, sexual attraction or other hidden messages.

Try to press on your own to a public place sort of a park, an edifice or a café and watch the individuals. While not being rude or proud, merely hear the conversations. Attempt to imagine however these individuals apprehend one another, the context of their discussion and any extra data concerning them. A lot of you are doing it, then a lot of you may just fall.

The next time you sit down with friends or family, stay silent for a while and listen to the discussion. Look at people who do not speak and see how they behave in the conversation that’s going on. Attempt to imagine what individuals suppose after they don’t talk. Once again, a lot of you train, a lot of you will get there.

Pay attention to your dreams. Many people with psychic powers believe that some ideas are premonitory. However, before starting to analyze your thoughts, you must take note of them in a notebook. The most effective thanks to doing that is to start out keeping a dream diary that you just can leave on your side table. Therefore, you’ll write it promptly in the morning after you rouse.

Remember your dreams and take a look at to form connections, if there square measure any, between your goals and your standard of living. Ask yourself if some of what you dreamed about has come true in real life.

Pay attention to your instinct. Have you ever had an odd feeling a couple of people, a place, an occasion that you just couldn’t explain? Have you ever had a strange thought that one thing goes to happen, while not having the ability to mention concretely why? This kind of sense is what we call instinct, and we all have it. Unfortunately, many folks tend to place it aside and like to over-rationalize their lives. The following time you’ve got that sort of feeling, write it down somewhere and see if it happens eventually.  Try to notice how these instinctive feelings are related to your life.

Remember that having an instinctive feeling does not necessarily mean that this is true. On the other hand, if it’s true, it may not happen for days, months or even years. The best way to check it is to write it down when you feel it and read it from time to time.

Third Eye Awakening
Third Eye Awakening


We have in ourselves the whole universe

  1. Consider joining a meditation group or taking meditation classes. A teacher can guide you and meditate at the same time as other people can help you stay focused.
  2. Many people do not access enlightenment because they are too caught up in their daily thoughts, activities, and concerns. You need to find a way to spend at least a few minutes each day on mediation if you want to awaken spiritually.
  3. It may be interesting to study Hinduism, Buddhism or other traditions that describe the concept of the third eye.

The color of the third eye chakra

The color purple or bluish violet most often represents the third eye chakra. The astral power of the third eye chakra vitality can likewise see as translucent violet or pale blue-white.

More than its shading, it is described by the nature of its iridescence or delicate light that helps us to remember the light of the moon.

Image of the third eye chakra

The picture of the third eye chakra image contains two components often connected with knowledge: the triangle pointing downwards and the lotus bloom.

Area of the third eye chakra

The most regularly acknowledged position of the 6th chakra is between the eyebrows, somewhat over the scaffold of the nose. In opposition to mainstream thinking, it isn’t situated amidst the temple however between the eyes where the eyebrows meet. It can likewise portray as being behind the eyes, amidst the head  Note that ex gratia chakras keep running on the plane of the temple. However, the sensory receptor chakra is not up to the brow
The sensory receptor chakra connected with the pineal organ, guilty of dominant biorhythms, together with rest and waking circumstances.

It is an organ situated in the mind that is a focal point of consideration due to its connection to recognition and the impact of light and also adjusted or “enchanted” conditions of awareness.

It is positioned close to the optic nerves and, as such, sensitive to visual stimulation and changes in brightness;

Behavioral characteristics of the third eye chakra

The third eye chakra associated with the following psychological and behavioral symptoms:

  • Vision
  • Intuition
  • Perception of subtle dimensions and energy movements
  • Psychic abilities related to clairvoyance and Clair-hearing especially
  • Access to mystical states, enlightenment
  • Connection to wisdom, insight
  • Encourage inspiration and creativity

The third eye chakra is an instrument for seeing the more inconspicuous characteristics of reality. It goes past the more physical faculties into the domain of unpretentious energies. Enacting the vision of this chakra resembles seeing with your eyes shut, opening you to a natural affectability and an internal observation.

Since it interfaces North American country with numerous strategies for seeing and seeing, photos of the sensory receptor chakra are often laborious to portray verbally. He places us in nearer contact with the indescribable and the impalpable. The dreams of the third eye are often more unpretentious than normal discernments: they may show up somewhat ‘fluffy,’ spooky, indistinct or fanciful. Be that because it could, a number of the time the inward dreams are often splendid, kind of like a movie unfurling before your eyes.

Supporting the attention of the energy of the third chakra might need concentration and also the ability to relax to enter alternative ways of seeing. once we focus our mind and consciousness, we are able to look on the far side the distractions and illusions that stand before North American country and have additional insight to measure and build, additional in alignment with our higher smart.

The pineal eye chakra related to the archetypical dimensions, even as with the spirit realm

Imbalance of the pineal eye chakra

  1. Once the pineal eye chakra is blocked or unbalanced, this will result in:
  2.  Feeling stuck in on a daily basis while not having the ability to visualize on the far side your issues and establish a visible guide for yourself
    An overactive pineal eye chakra while not support from the remainder of the chakra system will ensue within the type of fantasies that appear a lot of real than reality, abuse in fantasy and psychic illusions.
  3.  The very fact of not having the ability to determine a vision for oneself and to understand it
  4. Rejection of any spiritual or out of the ordinary subject
  5. Not being able to have an overview
  6. Lack of clarity

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