Time Travel- What is it And Its Reality 2019

Time Travel

Introduction To Time Travel

Time travel is one if not the most prominent theme of science fiction. The notion of being propelled into the corridors of time through a specific machine and move in the past or discover the face of the future would be an incredibly fascinating human dream that for the moment belongs only to the science fiction.

And yet the first speculation of time travel in time is found in the Arthurian cycle because among the forty knights there were 12 around the roundtable exploring the oracles of the past.


time travel
time travel

The belief of the Celts included passages in the parallel worlds, from places, burials, mounds or specific sites that they considered sacred. Just as the Knights of the Temple called themselves “the guardians of another world.” Can we imagine that the ancients for this purpose borrowed “wormholes”? General relativity tells us that there are aspects in which two black holes connected to each other.

Such a configuration is commonly called the wormhole or, more rarely, the Einstein-Rosen bridge. Can we consider that there are kinds of “Stargate” in the world since the dawn of time? These doors would exist if not how to explain the belief of the Egyptians in the book of the Dead or the same work of the Tibetans? These peoples had a perfect knowledge of other dimensions as evidenced in the Nile Valley, the Book of the Gates or Book of the Douat.

Curiously, these works were not intended for the deceased, but for the living, to teach them through a specific initiation to discover the paths that lead to the Eternal Orient, to the Great Light!

What if UFOs were cruise ships?

Stephen Hawking, to whom one owes among others the excellent work “The universe in a shell of nuts,” thinks that the temporal voyage will not do because according to the physicist one would have then had visits of our descendants:

A temporal loop would only go back in time until its creation, in other words, created in 2300 and used in 3000, it would only return in the year 2300 and not before, but the future may reserve us mysteries that we do not even suspect in our time?

Imagine the following theory: What we take for UFOs and which we mistakenly mistook for many of them; to devices from extraterrestrial civilizations, would, in fact, be space-time vectors!

time travel
time travel

We must not forget that their presence in our space is more than improbable; for we are surely the only ones within a radius of several thousand or millions of light years. Could the UFOs be ships coming directly from our future, crossing our skies at different times, to pass the switch of a wormhole (or vortex) from space-time leading far further into a past that we can not imagine?

These would not explain all the manifestations observed by many witnesses, but; they suggest it because we have no idea how the future will unfold, and how humanity will evolve in the next centuries. On the off chance that innovation will at present change our lives and enable men to live in a superior world Let’s be hopeful!

“Imagine that UFOs come directly from a future time, where time travel could organize as simple cruises” with destinations at the most critical times in our history. We would fly over as we would make a nonstop cruise on the seas.

Assuming that the peoples of the future have imposed a golden rule that all physical contact is prohibited with the times and the people they meet so as not to interfere in their history is a plausible assumption. Only the to intervene in the past and to do even a step in the grass would inexorably lead to a paradox, that is to say, the creation of a new branch of the present time!

Parallel Universes, Paradoxes, and Subatomic Particles

The idea of parallel universes originates from the study of subatomic particles.

For, according to the physicist David Deutsch, “a subatomic particle can be transformed into another or two others, several particles can merge to become one. Sometimes a moving subatomic particle changes direction without apparent reason. The universe we see is only part of physical reality. There are parallel universes, and each particle of our world has a counterpart in the parallel universes, and under certain conditions, these counterparts affect the particles we see. The cosmos regularly interact with each other.

So, for now, the time travel with the lack of wisdom shown by men, and admitting that they have the technological and moral capacity are just dreams without tomorrow! Assuming with great imagination, that the journey through time is achievable. We would necessarily need the data from Quantum Mechanics to understand for example what would happen if we went back to the past. Indeed, the explanation is: that the time traveler would find himself in the history of another universe.

time travel
time travel

During the 1940s, the astronomical engineer Emile Drouet wrote in his manuscript “Notes on the journey through time” the equation that he said made possible spatiotemporal travel but alas the manuscript was never published! (Only Robert Charroux had a copy). He had imagined an astronomical capsule he had called the “torus,”

The latter was propelled from the equator by the centrifugal force of the earth (at its same speed of rotation, i.e., 108 000 km / h ) “The Torus” would be an entirely available, infinitely more rational, smarter, more scientific machine than the Russian satellites and the American space vectors.

He thought that by placing on the capsule, a frequency modulated radar matching it with the time-wavelength defined (like subatomic particles, neutrinos, which are ghost traces crossing us from side to side ) on the path.

That describes the earth around the sun, the whole spiraling in the cosmos,

So that time becomes a vibratory chain of successions of images that are born and move relentlessly (like an endless band magnet that contains a multitude of encrypted tracks and that the earth acts as a player that plays all the tracks at the same time. With the goal that our cerebrum fills in as a beneficiary fit for interpreting and perusing just a single to that time.

According to the physicist and writer Michio Kaku, of New York University, in less than a hundred years, men will be able to make rockets able to transport us to the speed of light, where the time begins to slow down. This, thanks to ion (atomic) or photon (electromagnetic) motors.

But it must be logical; the human body will not be able to withstand the speed of light because it would be carbonized and disintegrated well before reaching the 300,000.00 kilometers second taking into account, among other things, the problem of gravitation theory quantum that matter, space and time are uncertain.

We only have to build an independent module in a rocket, and it will also be necessary for this module to have no contact with the missile;

That there is a kind of electromagnetic field to stabilize it and prevent any friction with it but the road will be very, very long before we reach such a technology.

Light and relativity

” The theory of relativity does not apply only to light since it must include a fundamental law which is gravitation and the movements of celestial bodies. ”

The explanation of this theory and these mathematical foundations were taken up by Einstein on other scholars: Kepler, Newton, etc.

The concept of space-time, which was developed by many scientists, was already known for a long time and openly relayed by quantum physics.

While Albert Einstein did not admit this one, with his colleagues ” Podolsky and Rosen,” they invented a paradox that bears their names: The trajectory of a particle cannot define in advance. It is the observation that identifies the traceability, but beware this particle exists of course in space apart from all human considerations.

The same goes for the light that travels in the universe without worrying about the episodic ephemeral presence of an entity. In the world, time does not exist but times intrinsically linked to the coordinate system of the observed place.

Failing to be able to imagine “the journey in time(time travel).”

The first machine to travel in time

The first machine to travel in time(Time travel) We know. However, that point now not exists within a part, and it’s in this sense that prof Ronald Mallett is longing for a stratagem capable of transcending the “impossible.” This human is convinced to guide to the event of a machine to travel in time(time travel), truly operating. The end result of a lifespan, that was upset by the death of his father, as a result, he found refuge within the world of phantasy. He set out to create a machine to travel back in time, to permit him to travel back to the past and save the life of his father. That was the sole motivation of the boy.

According to Professor Mallett, with current techniques, it is possible to send Subatomic particles in the past. Its foundations exposed in the scientific press, which received an enthusiastic welcome. Returning information from the future would win the lottery or know the results of the tiercé. And the most striking would be to send scientific knowledge from the future!

The subjectivity of time is the strangest thing, but it has long  known that in theory “travel into it is possible.”(Time travel).

Did we not know how? What Mallett offers is a way to build a machine to travel in the long term. He hopes to create a device that will use the principle of time variability to send particles into the past.

According to some physicists, “the fact that a particle travels faster than light, turns endlessly closed loop in time and space. ”

time travel
time travel

But unfortunately, the demonstration of physicists on the phenomenon is not based on any realistic observation in time. Particle accelerators and other synchrotrons are not able to observe this at the request of the researcher, and for a good reason, there are no theoretical models.

Neither can we define the time of a closed loop because the time of the particle is always different from ours, and it remains at the corpuscular level as for the other coordinate systems, the calculation of Redshift,

For example, does not take into account the exhaustion of the speed of light, which according to Fred Hoyle plays on the shift in the red and the estimation of the age of the universe. And following this logic, a lot of things are to be reviewed.

The second time machine

Israeli researchers have developed an experimental device that reproduces a space-time(Time travel). The tool could allow in the future the trips in the past and the future. The very principle of this machine is that it becomes itself “a space-time.”

By creating such a machine today, the return would be feasible in our time to future generations. But it would be impossible to go into our past, because our predecessors did not create this type of infrastructure for us, and that is what Professor Ronald Mallett explains.

If there is a machine, in the future it will be possible to return only at the time of the past when the engine started.

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