What Is Parallel Universe And Its Reality 2019

Parallel Universe

What is the parallel universe


A parallel universe, or parallel world, is a universe with its dimensions of space and time. It can be a universe engendered by hypothetical physical phenomena, or in works of fiction by an arbitrary modification of an event.

According to the actions of the invention, these universes are described for themselves or by making them interact with our world, the main one for us.

The American physicist Hugh Everett introduced the theory of parallel universes or multiple worlds in 1957. It is a reinterpretation of quantum mechanics that try to eliminate conceptual problems such as those posed by the experience of the cat. Schrödinger or the  EPR paradox.

The divisions of the Universe

According to this theory, the cat is not in a superposition of states. There are two cats, one alive, the other dead, which are part of two different worlds. These are possible because when we impose on him, the choice between a dead cat and a living cat the Universe divides into two.

Two parallel universes are born which are identical, except that one contains a residing cat and the other a dead cat. In each of these universes, the cat is in a well-defined state, and the somewhat absurd concept of an animal neither dead nor alive is no longer necessary.

Finally, when we open the box and observe its contents, we select one of the two universes that become our Universe. At this moment, the two parallel worlds decouple and become independent of each other. If we discover that the cat is dead, we can reassure ourselves by imagining that there is a parallel universe where the cat is alive.

Parallel universe:-


Parallel Universe theory offers an elegant interpretation of the EPR paradox that does not appeal to the mysterious concept of non-separability. When the atom emits the two photons, the universe is subject to a choice as to their directions.

It will, therefore, divided into a multitude of parallel universes. In each of these universes, the photons have clear guidelines, and these opposed for reasons of symmetry.

Later, when we capture one of the two photons, we select one of these multiple universes. But in the world thus chosen, the trajectory of the other photon determined in advance.

It will, therefore, be detected in the opposite direction to the first, without having to exchange any information.

An explanation of the setting of the fundamental constants

The notion of a parallel universe makes it possible to reinterpret the problem of the selection of primary constants. At the moment of its birth, the Universe faced with many choices. For example, he must decide on the value of the gravitational constant or the mass of the electron.

According to Hugh Everett’s theory, the Universe divides at each of these choices. A multitude of parallel universes is thus born, each characterized by a given set of fundamental constants.

The vast majority of these universes are incapable of giving birth to live. Some have too much gravitational force or weak electromagnetic interaction, and so on. Nevertheless, a small fraction of these universes proves to be fit for the development of life. These are mainly the case of ours.

By adopting this point of view, the adjustment of fundamental constants is no longer miraculous. Life was not born because our unique Universe was magically regulated, it appeared because we are in one of the few parallel universes capable of giving birth to it.


Lastly, only a minority of the scientific community would defend this theory today. Experiments in quantum mechanics in the laboratory, during the second half of the 1990s, have indeed demonstrated the existence of a phenomenon capable of explaining the enigma of Schrödinger’s cat without calling on such an exotic explanation.

A physical system, even microscopic, is never isolated but always in contact with its external environment. Interactions with this environment, for example in the form of friction, disrupt the initial quantum superposition state of the system and gradually make it evolve into a classical state.

This phenomenon, called decoherence, was first discussed theoretically in the 1970s, before finally being observed in the laboratory in the 1990s. It occurs all the faster as the system is significant, and, for macroscopic objects such as cats, the decoherence would be instantaneous.

The phenomenon of decoherence provides an answer to the problem posed in 1935 by Schrödinger. We will never observe a cat in a state overlay, because its environment will have immediately dragged it into a perfect state, either dead or alive. The theory of the parallel universe is not necessary to interpret this experience.

parallel world
parallel world

Subatomic particles in the introduction(parallel universe)

Is it possible to admit that we have several parallel universes? Can we consider the unthinkable? Is this idea only a lucubration of the mind? Or the fantasy of science fiction? The law of Hermes states that what is above is identical to what is below and that both are one!

Our body is like a sophisticated factory with integrated programs. Our brain is still a little-known territory, which conceals many secrets. A kind of transducer was able to put us about the whole Creation! Have the prophets been “contacted” by Time Travelers, to warn us against the excesses of our foolishness?

The great Newton said that the prophecies are accurate but that they can only notice once they have come true. There is an entirely reasonable observation, which leads to reflection and forces us to admit “transtemporal” displacements.

The myth of the parallel universe is ancient because it goes back to the Knights Templar who said among other things. Guardians of another land and nothing is forbidden to think that was what was trying to know “Philippe Le Bel” when he decimated the order of the white coats. Where are the paths of the unconscious that we take every night?

Would we lead to another perception of the parallel universe and ourselves?

Or to another reality?

Certain phases of sleep allow us “unconsciously” to cross or to access parallel dimensions (premonitory dreams). This crossing action would permeate our “nocturnal conspiracies,” and explain the realistic but sometimes incongruous side of our dreams.

Because we feel all the elements that are there but our mind, not analyzing them in full, would keep only a fragmentary selection. Maybe it is censored!

The feeling of uneasiness that comes over us after “a nightmare” or having the sense of meeting a loved one, long gone, and having recognized the smell of skin or perfume, disturbs our convictions the more rooted … Our planet may be generating at certain epochs fabulous magnetic phenomena capable of transcending us into junction points of various realities of our world that our Chinese friends call the Veins of the Dragon …?

The idea of a parallel universe originates from the study of subatomic particles.

According to the physicist David Deutsch “a subatomic particle can be transformed into another or two others, several particles can merge to become one. Sometimes a moving subatomic particle changes direction without apparent reason.

The universe we see is only part of physical reality. There is the parallel universe, and every particle of our world has a counterpart in the parallel universe, and under certain conditions, these counterparts affect the particles we see.

The universes regularly interact with each other.

Expecting, the broad measure of masterful imperativeness, that time travel is achievable; we would need Quantum Mechanics to understand what would happen if we went back into the past. Indeed, the explanation is that the time traveler would end up in the history of another universe, which is why there is no contradiction between free will. Always according to Deutsch –

” the universe in which the traveler arrives leaves him free to do what pleases him because nothing of what he will do will affect the universe from which he comes.” And in theory, if one day I go back in time, I will go back in time to a parallel dimension that cannot be mine anymore? Because what has already happened to me has been.

The parallel universe in the history of men

“According to Guth, the emergence of high-energy physical processes could explain the creation of the universe about 10 to 15 billion years ago. From a quantum fluctuation, the world, perhaps the size of a particle with 8 or more dimensions (4 of which would be the ones we know:-

3 of space (length, width, height) and 1 of time, the four remaining remained folded in the forces (theory of supercooled) is an attempt to explain the existence of all the particles and fundamental forces of nature By modeling them like the vibrations of tiny super symmetrical ropes ), would have arisen emptiness (sort of cosmic egg or white microhole) spontaneously, time and space having unfolded equally.

The astrophysicist Trinh Xuan Thuan thinks that our universe, which today contains tens of billions of galaxies, would have been then only a tiny bubble lost in meta-universe tens of millions, billions, billions of times bigger.

This meta-universe would itself have been part of an innumerable number of other meta-universes created during the inflationary period of the big bang and which simultaneously gave birth to myriads of worlds similar to ours or different, but which we will always unknown »

We do not think that the theory of parallel worlds could explain through glass holes. In the imagining possible, this theory could be a great application and by the fact, sesame to travel in time because if one day we find the way to master this technology which is – remember based on fundamental laws “quantum,” dear to astronomers physicists.

Moreover, ” Wikipedia” teaches us on this subject that: it is from the equations of the general relativity, in 1935, of which Einstein and Rosen discovered that the singularities of space-time formed gravitational wells of infinite density and curvature of space-time. Later, this image will be retaken to illustrate the geometry of the black holes. The wormholes are partie of this family.

The concept of a wormhole is to create a tunnel between the singularity of the black hole and that of the white hole. A white hole also called a white fountain is the symmetry of a black hole. Instead of sucking up any material, the white hole expels it.

He creates, like his little brother, the curvature of space-time and is at a different point from the universe of our black hole. Note that the wormhole is a purely theoretical concept: the existence or the natural formation of such an object in the Universe is, as the white holes, considered highly speculative.

But the physicists are in the process of finding the missing particle to study the wormholes a little closer!

It would be, “dream a little,” also a way to travel in space and why not in space-time and at unimaginable distances … But this theory of the wormholes cannot be due to speculative order “even if we know where to enter; we do not know when we arrive if we ever arrive somewhere? ”

Speculative theory or Science Fiction?

In the very serious Oxford University, a team of scientists has proved that a parallel universe exists.

The theory of these worlds appeared in 1950. Hugh Everett * proposed that each new event in the universe, perhaps, caused its separation. Thus, the number of alternative universes tends to infinity. The theory has recognized as holding fantasy and forgotten. However, at Oxford University the team concluded that Everett was on the right track.

Calculations show that the bush-like tree structures that type throughout the disintegration of the universe into parallel versions of itself justify the results of the probabilistic nature of quantum physics. Scientists say it is inevitable that we live in one of many parallel worlds, but not in the one.

NOTE *: Hugh Everett is an American physicist and mathematician, born November 11, 1930, in Maryland or Washington DC and died on July 19, 1982, in McLean, Virginia. He was made famous by his hypothesis of multiple worlds in physics, also called Everett’s interpretation.

He also invented a generalization of the method of Lagrange multipliers giving access to the optimization of functions, even discrete (hence without gradient) under constraints by reducing them to a convergent suite of optimizations without constraints.

The theory of Everett also called the method of relativity states, or many-worlds opinion is an interpretation of quantum mechanics to solve the problem of quantum measurement.

What is the lucid dream and how it works?

Free hypothesis?

Imagine for a moment that the UFO phenomenon can be explained as an Inter-dimensional phenomenon (which currently would be the only source of possible explanation?) … What in unequivocal terms, the extraterrestrials come from a dimension parallel to ours?

And going further into this “lucubration of the spirit of the authors of this article,” imagine that also one of these worlds is familiar with the extraterrestrial phenomenon? That this world lives in perfect symbiosis with them for a long time? … Why not? …

Involuntary is Incursions into the unknown?

Jean Romier

In June 1925, Jean Romier, a 24-year-old medical student, meets Mr. Berruyer in the Luxembourg Gardens,

a friendly old man who, following a conversation about Mozart, invites him to come to one of the concerts he gives every Friday in his apartment, rue de Vaugirard, in the company of his family who shares his passion for classical music.

The following Friday, the young Romier presents himself at Berruyer’s, rue de Vaugirard, and spends a pleasant evening listening to Mozart, discussing with a young seminarian, as well as with the two grandsons of Mr. Berruyer, a student. In law and an aspirant of the Naval Academy.

At midnight, he takes leave, but just out in the street, he realizes he has forgotten his lighter. Jean Romier goes back and rings. Nobody’s answering. Very intrigued, he rings long and ends up waking the neighbor, who calls the concierge shouting at the thief.

A police commissioner at the nearest station stops the student.

An investigation conducted. The neighbor and the caretaker claim that the apartment has been empty for years, following the death of Mr. Berruyer. Jean Romier, from an honorable family, manages to convince the Commissioner of his good faith.

The next morning, we bring the great-grandson of Mr. Berruyer, the owner of the apartment. Opening the door, we discover an abandoned apartment, filled with spider web. Jean Romier astonishes all the witnesses by his perfect knowledge of the disposition of the pieces, as well as his precisions on the members of the Berruyer family.

Thus, the young law student seen the day before was the grandfather advocate of the current owner, the pupil of the Naval College his grand-uncle became an admiral, and the seminarian his great-uncle became a missionary in Africa. When the concerts, the young Berruyer says that they had once occurred in this apartment.

Finally, on a table, we discover the lighter lined with dust Jean Romier he had left the night before!

The academic Dutheil explains that this young man was the victim of an amazing hallucination. a full ghost family gave the impression to him.

The investigating evidenced that it might in no approach be a trick mounted by the young Romier. The staggering details he gives Berruyer about his family and the discovery of the lighter are disturbing signs.

Crazy story on the road to Mount Bugarach

(Testimony of David)

During our stay in Aude in April 1994, Yvan and I had planned to climb the Pech de Bugarach.

Early in the morning, we left Rennes-Les-Bains, under a very gray sky and veiled until the direction of the mountain located about 8Km 500. At the time we had neither driver’s license and therefore no vehicle. However, we were borrowing curiosity, and we each had good pairs of tennis.

“The media of the time (trade journals and major TV shows) distilled fantastic stories about this mysterious place

In short, we decided to go and see more closely the phenomena that intrigued us.

After having passed for a long time the big turn of the place called La Vialasse, we entered the departmental 14, not far from the ruins of the Falconnière which follow the succession of bends preceding the small village of Bugarach.

The, we decided to make a little pose and to stop in front of an old farm.

The inventory asked us. Everything smelled archaic. A great disorder reigned in what seemed to us to be an old stable converted into a storage room. An old plow and tools lay in the middle of various metal objects.)

Intrigued by a sign that was at the gate of the fence that closed the property, I learned on the wooden barrier to decipher the inscriptions that were there. They seemed to be Greek letters. We saw an alpha and a delta there.

At the moment Yvan said to me:

“You should take a picture of this old farmhouse. ”

I told him that I had only one pose and that I did not want to spoil film … “If I had known, today, I still bite my fingers! “Then we left in the direction of Bugarach to make our ascent.

Then, at the end of the afternoon on the way back, at the level of the succession of turns that are not far from the ruins of the Falconnière, we did not find “the said cottage?” Where had we stopped before, for our little break? We saw a field fallow instead! …

parallel world
parallel world

The Philadelphia Experience – October 1943

( Project Rainbow ) Abstract: is an American-led military experiment that took place in the Philadelphia shipyards in late October 1943. The purpose of this experiment was to make the USS ship invisible for a short time.

Eldridge. According to a survivor of the Philadelphia experience, the destroyer USS Eldridge was rendered invisible and teleported back and forth between Philadelphia and Norfolk, Virginia.

The experience would have gone wrong. Some crew members would have become crazy, invisible or partially merged with the boat during the dematerialization of the latter These consequences would have convinced the Navy to abandon the project but did they make it? About this story, the writer “Charles Berlitz” wrote a fascinating book in the 1960s ” Operation Philadelphia.

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